This Is What Livin Feels Like

from by Caroline Rose



Strawberry lips
sippin’ on a Stoli nip
stocked up on Mohawk cigarettes
A carton to New York City
the rest a dollar a piece
pay my way on down the Natchez Trace to New Orleans

I ain’t getting any younger
I’m tired of feeling alone
I pay a smile to the prettiest sight
In my rearview the backlit city skyline

Baby, this is what livin feels like!

Coming up on Houston
I think I’ll bypass this town
Johnny’s got a spliff with my name on it
in Austin where everybody’s hip
Honey, I guess so am I
All I want’s a cowboy to lead me in some honky tonk dive

A juke joint jive like Po’ Monkey’s
through corn husks, red mud
making two lefts turns off Highway 61

Keeping this road hot until she drops
black top, in the back my finest bottle of Scotch
Top down in the valley
“Feeling Alright” on stereo
Feeling like I could dance all night

Baby, this is what livin feels like!

I fall asleep on a misty white sand beach
Wisps of cloudy hair and sun golden teeth
I feel the pulse of everything from my head down to my feet
Every heart left in the world beating within me!

Hey hi I’m in love with this life!
I flirt with Time to buy more of what’s mine
so rightfully mine
Just my little piece of the pie
Well if I’m going out then I’m going out in style
Say what you will, say what you’d like
Just another broke down beat in the heart of Big Sky

This is what livin feels like!


from America Religious, released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Caroline Rose

America Religious is a collection of stories and poetry set against a gritty landscape of Roots-inspired Rock, Americana, Folk, Gospel, and Rhythm & Blues. Caroline Rose and partner Jer Coons cover all elements from production and recording to mixing and engineering, as well as playing nearly all the instruments themselves. The album was recorded at Coons' Parkhill Studio in Burlington, Vermont. ... more


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