Here Come The Rain

from by Caroline Rose



Ain’t a song in the sky
the trees they calm to a still
A whisper glides
makes its way on down the street
A fetid stench steams in curls and it sits on the curb

I heard seven trumpets calling from seven lonely hills
as I walked on toward the station to get my ticket outta here
By noontime with cars heeled and all backed up to a hilt
the midday sun began to walk the line
black clouds began to pill

Here comes the rain

All was calm when it broke
From the doorway I could hear it coming down as he spoke
Crippled man out on a crate pouring truth out of his throat
screaming, “Can’t you see it’s your own air on which you choke?”

“Yes sir but people are just passersby by trade
on our way to slave away all day the highways to our graves”
“You know the language may have differed
but the Romans said the same
Don’t you know things of this earth will become earth once again?”

Here come the rain!

I gave you love and I gave you this world
to those I gave most what do you give me in return?
Oedipus kisses mother thrice on the cheek
an eye for an eye leaves but just one eye to see

Don’t rattle its cage! Don’t toss up its sands!
Cause for things like Fate honey Time’s only dice in its hand
“How long will you simple ones love your simple ways?”
Christchurch woman screams from the turret,
“Till it’s taken away!”

Here come the rain!


from America Religious, released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Caroline Rose

America Religious is a collection of stories and poetry set against a gritty landscape of Roots-inspired Rock, Americana, Folk, Gospel, and Rhythm & Blues. Caroline Rose and partner Jer Coons cover all elements from production and recording to mixing and engineering, as well as playing nearly all the instruments themselves. The album was recorded at Coons' Parkhill Studio in Burlington, Vermont. ... more


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